"Beauty will save the world"
- Dostoevsky

Wine Bottle Holders

Wine Bottle HoldersThese exquisite wine bottle holders are doll-style wooden containers hand-crafted in Russia. After being carefully lathed from linden wood, they are hand painted and varnished. Those persons familiar with Russian art will find them very similar to the highly collectible Russian matryoshka (nesting doll). Each wine bottle container is meticulously hand painted in beautiful colours. Some of the bottle holders illustrate the scenes from fairy tales and legends. Others depict different aspects of daily life.

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The matryoshka bottle holder is : -

  • A marvellous souvenir from Russia
  • A unique and stylish decoration for your house
  • A fantastic gift (especially with a bottle of good wine inside it!)
  • An original way to serve wine at a restaurant and at home
  • A great conversational item
  • An indispensable accessory of a Russia-themed party and a Russian wedding

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